Flamenco in Madrid

15 06 2009

Man these blog things take a little while to load!  I hope you enjoy the pics.  I went to Madrid this weekend with my class to see the Prado Museum (again!, in a good way) and we listened to people talk about different programs for immigrants in Spainish.  We also spent a little bit of time hanging out en El Parque del Retiro (The Park of Retreat) I spent the night at an awesome hostal (Hostal Bruña).  It’s only about a block from the Prado and only 25 Euro a night.  The rooms are like a hotel.  I highly recommend it for students and regular travellers who don’t mind a slightly smaller hotel room for a cheap price.

That night, we went to see some flamenco dancing at my suggestion.  It’s kind of expensive in Madrid, but we managed to scrape by without having to do the dishes afterwards.  It was an amazing experience!  I’ll try to load a short video clip of it later!

The next day, I did some shopping on Calle de la Princesa, and then I went back to Aranjuez, where I’m studying Spanish.


Jumping on the bandwagon

7 06 2009

So I thought starting a blog might be a fun way to keep everyone updated on my life while I’m abroad.  Plus I’ve been reading a lot of them today, and they look pretty neat.  I can post my pictures of my trips and write my thoughts on them, too.  Sorry this first entry is kinda boring, but I promise it’ll get better!